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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

iPhone 5 Rumors Wrap Up

Well, it’s highly possible that Apple is already preparing to launch another iPhone, or the so-called iPhone 5 that could arrive this year. But the internet world can’t just stop talking about it. In fact, photoshopping and quoting a customer support person are the highlights of todays iPhone 5 drama.

According to an article posted by TechCrunch syndicated by Washington Post, a guy from Twitter has managed to fake a phone to look like an iPhone 5. The questionable shot came from the MacRumorsposted by a member named guigsh.
Guigsh has claimed that he saw and held the iPhone 5 for two minutes inside a French operator. The images he posted circulated on the internet this morning, and obviously sparked another round of “rumoring.”
Apparently, talented photoshop “experts” have discovered that the image posted in the rumor is fake. According to Gizmodo, the image looked real, but “it’s not,” and the site tried its best to replicate the image by editing their own iPhone 4 photo.
Latest (and slightly credible) rumors are saying that the iPhone 5 release date will be around September or October, or should be parallel to the release date of the next version of iOS, the iOS 5 that includes tons of new features like dedicated camera button support, better notification and additional application like iMessage and iCloud support.

And aside from the technical specification rumors, internet world is also busy unraveling rumors about the iPhone 5′s possible marriage with other non-iPhone carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile. According to the latest heralded rumor, Sprint Wireless could be the next carrier to support Apple’s mission to take over the smartphone world, and the source of the rumor is a “Sprint Customer support” who reportedly said that the carrier “is planning to launch the phone.”

Well it didn't take long. The iPhone 4 is barely a few months old and already there are rumors swirling about it's potential predecessor. It's come out that, although it's just still in the rumor stage, that Apple could be releasing the iPhone 5 as early as January of 2011. Now keep in mind, these iPhone 5 rumors are just that, but there could be some truth to them. So let's look a little deeper into these rumors and see why they're out there and what to possibly expect. I'm even gonna throw in a little piece on how you could win an iPhone 4.

What New Features Would be Good on the iPhone 5?
Even if the rumors turn out to be hogwash it's still nice to think about where Apple could improve the iPhone 4 with a new and improved iPhone 5. The iPhone 4, despite all the negative publicity, is still in high demand. And let's face it, antenna issues aside (which I think has more to do with AT&T being crappy and not being prepared for the volume of users. Just look at the release in Canada with Rogers as the carrier, there have been virtually no problems), the iPhone 4 is pretty choice.
So probably the main thing I'd like to see changed is the battery. The one thing I've always had a problem with as far as iPhones and iPods go is that if the battery get's drained to the point of not even lasting long when fully charged, you have to send it back to Apple for them to change the battery. Wouldn't it be nice if the iPhone, and the iPod and iPad, had a removable battery. You know, like pretty much every other cell phone and gadget on the planet. The after market is huge and it would be much more convenient. Let's get on this one Apple!
Next up would be...well...I can't really think of any other improvements. Apple has really done a nice job with the iPhone 4. And the further we get away from the negative reports on the antenna, which seems to have slowed down, the more people are going to forget about it. And the more people are going to focus on how good the iPhone 4 really is. So let's just say that the next generation iPhone is a ways away.
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