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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bret Michaels, "Riding Against the Wind" Premiere

The Wantagh appearance is one of many the singer is making on a comeback tour after recovering from a brain hemorrhage in April. Michaels, who has diabetes, also recently announced he’s scheduled for surgery early next year to repair a hole in his heart.
Bret Michaels, who underwent brain surgery just a few months ago, has not been sidelined by his health woes. The singer is back and better than ever and premiered his new video for "Riding Against the Wind." Michaels, who recently appeared buck naked and flashing "The Situation"-like abs on the cover of Billboard, opens up in this clip, allowing viewers and fans to have an intimate look into his life on the road, with his daughters and with his beloved. It also boasts shots of Michaels strumming on his guitar against a white backdrop.
Michaels' latest, Custom Built, which features "Riding Against the Wind," is out now.

The Poison rocker — who features in VH1’s Rock of Love with Bret Michaels – says TV has made him more money than he ever thought possible.
“TV has absolutely made my sales go up, made my tour guarantees go up,” he said. “TV has been a great addition to my career. But the key thing is knowing what to walk away from. I advise anyone-especially musicians-to be very careful not to just grab anything they throw your way.”Michaels then explained his decision to take part in Rock of Love.
“I thought that I have three generations of Poison fans, and this would open me up to a whole new generation,” he said.
“My fears about the show weren’t about music. I turned it down the first time they approached me, because their first idea was very retro.
“They wanted the 1986 Bret Michaels. My fans enjoyed the teased hair, the spandex. It was great, it was the time I lived in. Who knew that spandex tucked into cowboy boots would ever go out of style? But for some strange reason, it did. I’d progressed forward and I didn’t want to go back. I stood up for myself and said, “You need to let me be who I am right now in my life.”
Bret — who is scheduled to go under the knife in January to repair a hole in his heart, which has plagued him since birth — recently admitted he is struggling to “think positive” as the surgery looms closer.
“I’m going in there thinking very positively that it’s going to be great and I’m going to feel a whole lot better, but I’d be lying to say that somewhere in my subconscious there’s not a little bit of gulling,” he said.
“When they’re going through your body to operate on your heart, it’s going to hit you somewhere that they’re toying with the ticker. There’s definitely a little fear in there somewhere.”
Twenty years after peak heartthrob status, Michaels appears on the cover of Billboard Magazine clad only in his bandanna, which we're pretty sure is glued to his head at this point. His six-pack abs inspired some skeptics to accuse the mag of some pretty drastic retouching, but photographer Blair Bunting insists that he went easy on the airbrush.

The before and after pics are above. We think they just added a little bit of chiseling around his hips, and somehow made his face look older by altering the coloring.

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