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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Edyta Sliwinska and Aiden Turner competing during season 10.

Professional dancing is a short-lived career and the long and lean Edyta Sliwinska announced that she will not be returning to "Dancing with the Stars" for season 11. Sliwinska is the professional dancer with the longest tenure on the show--10 seasons since 2005.

Sliwinska posted on her Facebook page, "After 10 seasons I felt like it's time to think about my future. I'm pursuing my education and looking forward to other projects that perhaps you will hear about, but my main goal is to finish my degree and start building a family."

Sliwinska is married to another "Dancing with the Stars" professional dancer, Alec Mazo. Mazo won the first season with soap opera star Kelly Monaco although they lost in the rematch.

"The show will not be there for me forever and I do not want to depend every season on the producer's decision about the next half a year of my life. I want to start building a foundation for the future and I felt that the show was limiting me."

Sliwinska is a student at UCLA, focusing on media and communications studies. Born in Poland, the 29-year-old started dancing classes at age 11.
Her partners:

* Season 1: Boxing champion Evander Holyfield. Finished fifth.
* Season 2: Actor George Hamilton. Finished fifth.
* Season 3: Actor Joey Lawrence. Finished third.
* Season 4: Actor Vincent Pastore was her original partner. He dropped out after a week of training and was replaced by John Ratzenberger. Finished sixth.
* Season 5: Soap opera star Cameron Mathison. Finished fifth.
* Season 6: NFL player Jason Taylor. Finished second.
* Season 7: Comedian Jeffrey Ross. Finished last.
* Season 8: Former NFL player Lawrence Taylor. Finished seventh.
* Season 9: Actor Ashley Hamilton (George Hamilton's son). Finished last.
* Season 10: Soap opera actor Aiden Turner. Finished ninth.

Jason Taylor and Sliwinska received a perfect score for their quickstep to "The Dirty Boogie."

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