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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The birthday of Hayden Panettiere

In 21st august Hayden Panettiere is in 21st

Hayden Panettiere is the raising stars of Hoolywood. She acts the movie Scream4. 19-year-old Roberts, who is tapped to portray heroine Jill Kessler, was not alone as Hayden Panettiere was seen with her during the break. Snapped separately, David Arquette who reprises his role as

Sheriff Dewey Riley also took part during the night filming.
Happy Birthday to the Hero's star and New York native beauty Hayden Panettiere. The actress whose career is on an upward climb celebrates her 21st today, the 21st of August. We first met Hayden at the age of 11 as she starred in Remember the Titans as Daisy, daughter to the head coach of the football team, who was later replaced by Denzel Washington. The roles afterwards including soap operas, movies and a singing career, in all she has proven to be a true talent.
We love her cute smile, great style and most importantly her ever changing hair styles. In the past years we have seen her go from blonde to brunette short to long and back again! So as we wish her a happy 21st we recap the hair choice of Hayden Panettiere.

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