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Friday, August 20, 2010

Chelsea Lately Is The show Of Chelsea Handler

Do U Know Who Is She.
She Is Chelsea Handler.

Chelsea Handler Reveals Her Plans As VMA Host

'I'll be myself — that I can promise,' she says on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

While Chelsea Handler will no doubt employ her outrageous late-night shtick as host of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, that doesn't mean she's not going to play nice. On Thursday (August 19), the comedian talked to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show about why she's pumped about her hosting gig and her plans to reunite Kanye West and Taylor Swift. "I'm pretty excited, because it's such a big hip-hop and rap year, and I just love having those guys on my show, and they have the best senses of humor anyway," she said. "I'm hoping we can do some really fun stuff with these A-holes. I want to go and film some ridiculous stuff and see if Kanye, if we can do something with Kanye, because I always talk about Kanye, so he seems like he'd be in on the fun. We just had our first couple of meetings the last couple of weeks, and then we'll figure out a plan. I'll be myself — that I can promise." But Handler doesn't just want to engage Mr. West in some VMA fun; she's also eyeing Taylor Swift. "I'd like to get them together is what I'd like to get, because you've never really seen them together since then," she said of the music superstars. "They were supposed to be on 'SNL,' but then that didn't end up happening. I don't know. We'll try and think of something clever to do with them, because that would be really fun. Everyone loves Taylor Swift, and Kanye's ... Kanye." A reunion between the rapper and country songstress would make for a highlight after West's stage invasion during Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video last year. Since the onstage fiasco, Swift has poked fun at the incident and accepted the rapper's "very sincere" apology. Kanye is set to perform at this year's ceremony, and Taylor is nominated for Best Female Video ("Fifteen"). Would you like to see a Kanye and Taylor reunion at this year's VMAs? Share your thoughts belo

The Chelsea Handler Is Very Much nice.

The Video Of chelsea handler

One Girl Two Frame.

Bethenny Frankel on Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Lately.” Is The Show Of The Chelsea Handler. It Is a Famous Shoe Also.

So...inventor of the margarita, Santa Bethenn, the patron saint of Skinny Girls, went on my long lost biological sister (allegedly) Chelsea Handler's show, and the whole thing about her having a baby, and taking a dump, got her 35lbs of baby weight off in a week stupid melodrama.

I'm not even sure why this matters. Everyone's different. Some, like myself and maybe Bethenny, are genetic freaks that can have a baby and walk out in their jeans. It's 95% genetics. I popped out 432 children in five years, and I'm actually smaller now than I was when I conceived #1. No secret diet or exercise. Just be active and don't eat tons of food. I'm a freak.

But this is a topic everybody seems to have an opinion on, mostly openly gay male gossip columnists that will never, ever get pregnant or have a baby.

Now, I'm not an over the top Bethenny fan, I admire her hustle, but I think she needs to just chill for a sec and not be so obsessed with being obsessed, ya dig? But I will defend her on this. I don't think she did anything sinister or evil to lose the weight. If you don't gain more than 35 pound, chances are you will have more than half of that off in the hospital. And if you've always been fit and had a healthy diet? It's gonna be gone in 6 weeks, especially if you're nursing. But hey, it's a chink in the Bethenny armor, so pile on I guess.

Have a gander at the video and let me know what you think...

The Black & White Photo Of Sexy Chelsea Handler.
The Chelsea Handler With Boy Friend.

Sex Toys - Comedy Time

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