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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Videos, News And Hot Photo Galary Of Pop Singer Madonna.

The Madonna Is The Queen Of Pop.
She Is Looking Nice In A Short Dress.
Madonna's Image When She Is Virgin.

The Pop Queen Tide Up The World By her Hand.
The Very Nice Image Of Pop Queen.
The Queen In A Stage Show.
How Nice Looking She Is In A Stage Show.
The Sexy Image Of Pop Queen.
One's Come From Two Action.
One's Come From Two Action.
The Ancient And Modern Picture Of Pop Queen.
The Pop King & Queen In a Frame.
The Pop Queen With Her Family.
The Queen With Her Daughter.
The Queen With Her Son.
The Madonna & The Junior Madonna In A Frame.

Madonna Biography

original name Madonna Louise Ciccone

Singer, performer, actress. Born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone in Bay City, Michigan, on August 16, 1958, to parents Silvio "Tony" Ciccone and Madonna Fortin. Tony, the son of Italian immigrants, was the first of his family to go to college, where he earned a degree in engineering. Madonna's mother, an x-ray technician and former dancer, was of French Canadian descent. After their marriage in 1955, the couple moved to Pontiac, Michigan, to be close to Tony's job as a defense engineer. Madonna was born three years later, during a visit with family in Bay City. The third of six children, Madonna learned early on how to handle her role as the middle child, admitting that she was "the sissy of the family" who often used her feminine wiles to get her way.

Her parents' strict observation of the Catholic faith played a large role in Madonna's childhood. "My mother was a religious zealot," Madonna explains. "There were always priests and nuns in my house growing up." Many elements of Catholic iconography—including her mother's statues of the Sacred Heart, the habits of the nuns at her Catholic elementary school, and the Catholic altar at which she and her family prayed daily—later became the subject of Madonna's most controversial works.

Another heavy influence on Madonna's early life was her mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy with Madonna's youngest sister. Treatment had to be delayed until the baby reached full term, but by then the disease had grown too strong. On December 1, 1963, at the age of 30, Madonna's mother passed away. Madonna was only 5 years old at the time of her mother's death.

The loss of her mother significantly affected Madonna's adolescence. Haunted by the memories of her mother's frailty and passive demeanor during her final days, Madonna was determined to make her own voice heard. "I think the biggest reason I was able to express myself and not be intimidated was by not having a mother," she says. "For example, mothers teach you manners. And I absolutely did not learn any of those rules and regulations."

She fought especially hard against the rules imposed by her stepmother, Joan Gustafson, who met Madonna's father while working as the family housekeeper. Madonna says Gustafson often made her take care of the younger children in the household, a task she greatly resented. "I really saw myself as the quintessential Cinderella," Madonna later said. "I think that's when I really thought about how I wanted to do something else and get away from all that." She rebelled against her traditional upbringing by turning her conservative clothing into revealing outfits, frequenting underground gay nightclubs, and rejecting her religious background.

But Madonna balanced this insubordinate side of her personality with a drive for perfectionism and high-achievement. She was a straight-A student, cheerleader, and disciplined dancer who graduated from high school a semester earlier than her peers. In 1976, her hard work earned her the attentions of the University of Michigan, which offered her a full scholarship to their dance program.

Madonna Parties In her Style

Pop queen MADONNA has been sporting some odd outfits recently but she scrubbed up well for her 52nd birthday bash at Shoreditch House.

The gym obsessed mum-of-four went for simple elegance in a tight-fitting silver dress which suited her toned figure.

And her wrinkle-free face must be the envy of many women in their fifties.

Daughter LOURDES took style tips from mum's Desperately Seeking Susan era, with black mini, boots and plenty of crucifixes.

Madonna buys exclusive property in Falmouth, Cornwall

Queen of pop Madonna has apparently bought a property near Falmouth, Cornwall.

Locals have claimed that the American singer may be moving to West to Cornwall, reports the Daily Star.

They told that the 51-year-old artist has purchased an exclusive riverside property near Falmouth.

While the Golden Globe Award winning singer's spokesperson was unavailable for comment, it was reported that builders renovating the home have signed confidentiality

Madonna's on-set antics put her movie in crisis

She's 52 Now, but don't expect them to be popping champagne corks on the set of Madonna's new film.

I hear the birthday girl has had more than a few problems during filming of her second directorial effort W.E., the story of how King Edward VIII gave up his throne for American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

According to on-set sources, the shoot is "in crisis" with staff quitting, budgets spiralling and morale sinking faster than Madge's face fillers.

There is talk of the queen of pop flying off the handle after a priceless bracelet which was to be used in a scene was lost. Another row was triggered over the type of champagne glasses chosen by the props department, with Madonna, right, booming: "Whose fault is this?" The wannabe Martin Scorcese has also clashed with location scouts over venues picked for filming and other decisions not made by her.

My man tells me: "Madonna knows what she wants. The problem is, she is such a perfectionist she doesn't always know how to treat people to get the best out of them.

"From Day One she has not got on with the crew very well, and there are only a few people she deems important enough to speak to directly. The rest just have to feel her wrath.

"To give her credit, she is very driven and hugely hard-working. The problem is she finds it impossible to delegate responsibility.

"Her view is: 'If you want a job done properly, do it yourself.' Nothing else ever comes up to scratch and leads to a huge screaming session. But these are hard-working people who are doing their best. They deserve to be treated with a bit of respect." The situation is so bad that several have already walked off the project, which began filming in July. Producer David Parfitt and casting boss Nina Gold had earlier left the production, which is being filmed in London and Paris, blaming "creative differences".

Madonna also wanted Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor for the lead role, but that has now been taken by James Fox.

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