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Monday, August 23, 2010

'The Next Food Network Star' is Aarti Sequeira

The Next Food Network Star 2010" is the Food Network's number one series. "The Next Food Network Star" Season 6 returns with the most exciting and intense season to date. Shot in Los Angeles on a brand-new studio set, "The Next Food Network Star 2010" follows 12 hopefuls competing for the ultimate dream job: his or her own Food Network show. With this coveted prize on the line, the finalists strut their star power and culinary chops for host Bobby Flay and the selection committee to see if they stack up against the competition. Under the mentorship of Giada De Laurentiis, "The Next Food Network Star 6" kicks off with the finalists getting a taste of Hollywood with a trip to Paramount Studios and a six-course lunch for L.A.'s biggest celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck.

(The Image Aarti Sequeira)

'Next Food Network Star' Aarti Sequeira Talks New Show, Cooking for Tom Waits.

The Next Food Network Star" is Aarti Sequeira, "a former CNN producer who later trained at The New School of Cooking in Los Angeles, experiments adventurously with Indian flavors and incorporates them into American classics.

"She has taught at her alma mater and now has an online cooking show called "Aarti Paarti." Born in India and raised in Dubai, Aarti draws culinary inspiration from her cultural background, her mother and never-ending food experiments."

"The Next Food Network Star" is a show on the Food Network that pits chefs against one another for the prize of getting their own show on the Food Network. The contestants are not only judged for their culinary skills, but also for their media presence. Cooking is a learned skill, to be sure. Demonstrating cooking on TV in an entertaining way is its own art form

Aarti Sequeira, a personable lady with a natural screen presence, was an early favorite of audiences of "The Next Food Network Star," something she needed during the competition going up against some very skilled chefs.

The contest started with preparing and cooking a dish that "best represented who they are" and cutting a 30-second promo for their proposed Food Network show. Other episodes included cooking dessert treats; preparing a dish inspired by a classic film genre; cooking a dish with pepper to be included in one of Bobby Flay's restaurants; operating a lunch truck business on Venice Beach, Calif.; preparing a "retro dish" at Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs home; creating a "dinner for breakfast" meal; and preparing a dish based on "an emotion."

The final episode, in which Aarti Sequeira competed with two other finalists, consisted of cutting a pilot of their proposed Food Network show, directed by the incomparable Rachel Ray. Any one of the finalists could have been the Next Food Network Star, but, in the end, Sequeira triumphed. As someone on the show suggested, Sequeira could become to Indian cuisine as Giada de Laurentiis is to Italian.

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