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Monday, August 9, 2010

Kaka is The Real King

The Dangerous Player Have an Innocent Laugh

The Kaka is here like a Supermodel not a Footballer

The Excellent Footballer With Another Excellent Footballer

Here Kaka Confrimed That He Belongs To Jesus.

Here Kaka with His Wife and Junior Kaka

Kaka and Robinho are Celebrating a Goal

Real Madrid forward Kaka has revealed

Kaka Is the Key Player of The Brazil and Real Madrid. The age of The kaka Is only 28. But He shows his name in a special one for both the Team. There are much more prizes have in his Show case.

Now he is in the injure. This injury out him for four month from football. "My knee has been bothering me for a while now," the 28-year-old told AS. "But I did not realise it was that bad. I was surprised."

He added: "(The pain was felt) even before the World Cup. I told them in Madrid that it gave me problems, but when they massaged my groin, it seemed to be a simple muscle imbalance and not so serious."

After his injury the Real Madrid coach Real Madrid coach Jose Mourino has declared he has too much on his hands to waste time crying over Kaka's injury. Jose Mourino also added that "As the leader of a group, I cannot waste time crying over a player. I have other players counting on me. My philosophy doesn't allow me to have any doubts or to cry.

"I have no doubts regarding the quality of our medical staff. I will not speak about Kaka any further while he is out."

"I'm not the villain of the piece. I need people to believe in me. For me, it's a nightmare to be out for four months," Lastly kaka said.

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