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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paula Abdul returning Back to The American Idol

According to E!, the singer-dancer-Idol judge signed a 7-figure contract with CBS that prohibits her from appearing on anything but CBS' version of 'Got to Dance,' including any competition shows on any other network, both broadcast and cable.

The CBS contract is said to be for about five years, and the only way to get around it is for CBS to allow a contract amendment. Abdul and fellow judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson presided over Idol's most successful years. It's still unclear who'll be behind the judges table this season, after Cowell bowed out, Kara DioGuardi got fired, and Ellen DeGeneres left. Rumored new judges include Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

'Got to Dance,' currently named "Paul Abdul Dance Show," is a new, all-ages, all-genres dance competition fashioned after the hit U.K. show.

E! News is reporting that Carey is currently negotiating her deal, and we all know they have a really good inside source in Ryan Seacrest who hosts both E! News and Idol.

American Idol” had a solid set of personalities after cutting the fat post season one, however that all changed when producers decided not to renew Paula Abdul’s contract just before the most previous season began. From there, of course, Ellen Degeneres joined the panel. She announced after only one season that she has quit. Rumor also has it that Idol execs have decided to cut Kara DiGuardi from the judges panel as well.

These recent changes were prompted by the resignation of Simon Cowell, and now producers say they are working to put together a group of judges who have chemistry not star power.

However, the names mentioned as possible replacements scream star power. Jennifer Lopez has confirmed she did not accept the offer, and Jessica Simpson is rumored to also be interested.

Randy Jackson is evidently the only judge confirmed for the new season as the other candidates wait for notification. He has been with the show since its start nine seasons ago. If Carey does join Jackson, she won’t be the only person in her family working the reality talent circuit. Mariah’s husband, Nick Cannon, hosts “America’s Got Talent” on

l comply with the order just because if she is under the impression that he’s her husband, she may wish to continue her attempts to contact him.

When Fox’s popular reality TV series “American Idol” returns for its tenth season, viewers are to expect plenty of changes. One change that Fox announced on Thursday is that Nigel Lythgoe will be returning to the show as executive producer, and it appears he wants Paula Abdul to return too.

“I still love Paula,” Nigel said to Variety recently. According to Soraya Roberts at, Lythgoe – who left “American Idol” to focus on “So You Think You Can Dance” – went on to say: “She’s signed to CBS, probably exclusively, but I’d recommend we have her in a heartbeat.”

Lythgoe – who described “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson as a “barnacle” and confirmed his position on the judging panel – also gave the other rumored judges, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, his support. “If she joins, I’m happy,” he said about J-Lo.

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