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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hot News and Nice Image of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is different with different bikini

Donna karan with Lindsay Lohan when she was not in jail

Lindsay Lohan Lawyer says: Lindsay Lohan looking forward to 'light at end of tunnel'

Lindsay Lohan's Mom, Sister Visit Jail

Sources say Lohan is sleeping, eating well in custody so far.

Lindsay Lohan's Time In Jail Nearing An End

More news:-Lindsay Lohan is expected to be released from jail sometime this weekend and will have 24 hours to check into an inpatient addiction treatment center for 90 more days, according to reports.

Lindsay Lohan gets 250 mail in a day. But the jail's rules, Lindsay can only keep 10 pieces of mail in her cell at one time but can trade in read letters for new, unread ones. Lindsay has also reportedly been receiving packages, all of which are checked by the jail staff for contraband before getting handed over to Linds. Inmates can only keep three magazines or books in their cell at one time.

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