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Friday, September 17, 2010

'Avatar 2' to be Filmed Underwater by James Cameron

James Cameron is traveling to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean for Avatar 2. Mark Millar's new superhero movie is X-Men meets Trainspotting. Plus promos and news for Fringe, Chuck, Warehouse 13, Stargate Universe, and more! Spoilers to the end!
Filmmaker James Cameron seems to have two passions in his life -- making films and exploring the depths of the ocean. He merged those two loves back in 2005, when he directed a documentary entitled 'Aliens of the Deep,' but he's set to take things to another level with his plans for 'Avatar 2.'
Cameron has commissioned a team of Australian engineers to design and build a submersible vessel capable of taking him to the floor of the Challenger Deep -- the deepest location on Earth. To put that in perspective, the location Cameron wants to get to -- and film in 3D at -- is almost 36,000 feet deep. That's nearly a mile deeper than Mount Everest is tall ...

Plot details about the sequel to the mega-blockbuster aren't being revealed, but we do know that Cameron intends to spend time exploring Pandora's vast oceans in the follow-up. If all goes well, he may incorporate the Challenger Deep footage into 'Avatar 2.'
There are many challenges to pulling this off, however. Pressure at that depth is more than eight tonnes per square inch -- and as an article at the UK's 'Mail Online' points out, even the best Russian Military subs can only withstand a paltry 1,600 lbs per square inch. To get to the deepest point on the planet, Cameron will utilize a state of the art personal submarine far different than the Trieste -- the first manned vehicle to explore the same area of the ocean floor.. The modern sub will look like something straight out of a science-fiction film -- complete with a huge resin bubble for viewing the outside world and motors that will power it along in the stillness of the deep. Avatar Sequel: Cameron to Film 7 Miles Below Ocean's Surface
Only two people have ever visited the deepest point in the ocean. If James Cameron has his way, that list is about to get a lot longer.
Latest Video of 'Avatar 2

Cameron has reportedly commissioned a special submarine that can go down seven miles below the ocean's surface as part of his plans for a sequel to Avatar. The movie will be set in the oceans of the film's fictional alien planet of Pandora.
Honestly, this sounds more like a parody of James Cameron's grandiose filmmaking style than a serious report, but rumor has it he aims to film parts of the Avatar sequel in the Marianas Trench. That trench, located in the Pacific Ocean, is seven miles below the ocean surface, making it the deepest point on Earth. Cameron has reportedly commissioned a company to make the specially reinforced submarine he will need to head down there, and the report indicates this is all part of the sequel's greater focus on Pandora's ocean life. That does at least fit with James Cameron's previous statements that he will be exploring the oceans in the sequel.

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