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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Katherine Heigl puffs on electronic cigarette during 'Late Show' appearance

Katherine Marie Heigl (b. November 24 1978) was born in Washington D.C, USA on the 24th of November 1978 to parents Nancy and Paul. A short time afterwards, the Heigl family moved to New Canaan, Connecticut, where Katherine was to spend the majority of her childhood.

The youngest member of her family, Katherine, or 'Katie' as she is known affectionately, has two elder siblings, John and Meg. Tragically, her older brother Jason died in 1986 of brain injuries suffered in a car accident, after being thrown from the back of a pickup truck. When doctors determined Jason was brain-dead, the family made the difficult decision to donate his organs. Not only did this painful chapter give Katherine a greater perspective and appreciation for life, but it has motivated her to use her celebrity status to promote the importance of organ donation.
Now that she's a mom, Katherine Heigl is doing everything she can to live a healthier life.
Appearing on Monday night's "Late Show with David Letterman," the actress explained that she has had a tough time trying to kick her bad habit of smoking, which she developed in her early 20s.
"You start once a week, maybe with cocktails with friends at a bar," said Heigl, who stars in the upcoming "Life as We Know It." "And then you buy your first pack during a really stressful breakup and then it's downhill from there."
The actress, who adopted 1½-year-old daughter Naleigh from South Korea last year, said she has tried a countless amount of smoking aids, including wearing the patch, chewing nicotine gum and taking the prescription medication Chantex – twice.
"I went bananas," she said, before introducing her newest reliever, an electronic cigarette.
Heigl, 31, went on to inadvertently advertise the "smoke stick," a device which allows a user to absorb nicotine into the body, as well as continue the habit of bringing the cigarette to and from the mouth.She explained that the stick has a battery that heats up the liquid nicotine in its filter."You blow out water vapor so you're not harming anyone around you and you're not harming yourself," she said. "I'm essentially humidifying the space."Katherine Heigl once went on a date with her personal trainer only for him to beg her to get him acting work.
The star is happily married to singer Josh Kelley, who she raises 20-month-old daughter Naleigh with. Although Katherine's home life is now content, she admits it hasn't always been that way.
She had a number of dreadful dates before finding love with Josh, but finds them so funny she is happy to discuss them.
"My worst was when I was 18. I was like, 20lbs. heavier and trying real hard to work it off at the gym and my trainer asked me out," she said at a press conference to promote her new movie Life as We Know It.
"He took me to Sizzler and gave me his head shot and asked me if I could get him in my agency. I knew it wasn't the extra 20lbs. that turned him on."
The 31-year-old added she should have known the evening was destined to be bad when she noticed her date had shaved his legs.

In the movie, Katherine and Josh Duhamel play two people who have to look after a little girl when her mother dies. Katherine's character Holly has dated Eric, portrayed by Josh, before but they didn't get on, making their new life together tough.
Josh was equally as candid when it came to discussing his love life. The star is married to Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, and explained he is eternally thankful he has a wife as he hates dating so much.
"I've had plenty of awkward moments, but I've always been in relationships for a long time. Dating always scared the c**p out of me. For that reason I couldn't really date," he explained. "I had to make very sure that I wanted to date this person. I would do a complete recon. So, I made sure that I wanted to be with them before I actually started dating."

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