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Sunday, September 5, 2010

In Denmark‎ Bob Dylan's Brazilian art exhibition opens

We know that The man Lives with His work . The Bob Dylan Is the man one of them. Folk/rock songwriter, singer. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman, on May 24, 1941, in Duluth, Minnesota. Driven by the influences of early rock stars like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard (whom he used to imitate on the piano at high school dances), the young Dylan formed his own bands, including the Golden Chords and Elston Gunn and His Rock Boppers. While attending the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, he began performing folk and country songs at local cafés, taking the name "Bob Dylan," after the late Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.
More so, what is there to say about Bob Dylan playing to a capacity crowd at Memorial Stadium? How many eyes do you think have seen Bob Dylan? Ten billion? Twenty billion? A trillion? Could be. Only Bob Dylan knows. Or maybe he doesn’t know.
Who would keep track? Are there words that could be printed here that could persuade you to think differently than you already do about him? Of course not. Bob Dylan cares not for this text. His PR person (does he need one) is not “tweeting” excitedly about this review. Bob Dylan is immune to criticism, immune to interpretation of any sort. He isn’t opinion, he’s fact. Bob Dylan is Bob Dylan.

Do you have a friend whose favorite artist is Bob Dylan? If you do, you should reprimand him/her, for that person is probably lying. No one’s favorite artist is Bob Dylan. No one can have such a connection to him, the connection necessary for feeling the “like” or the “love” that irrationally springs from our headspace. Bob Dylan is omnipresent; he has been since near the beginning of his career. We can turn to no era in music without running into the shade of Bob Dylan. He is mythical, he is alien, he is unapproachable, unknowable. But he is there, and you can pay money to see him.
That’s why so many people can say “I don’t get what’s so great about Bob Dylan.” It’s like saying “Gee, I don’t get what’s so great about the number 4.” It is a number that even the tiniest mind would know! It is not impressive to count to the number 4. It is not impressive to express a love for Bob Dylan. It’s not necessarily assumed that everyone likes Bob Dylan, but having an opinion on Bob Dylan is just so unnecessary, to both Bob Dylan and the one who would opine. You cannot like or dislike the number 4. Saying the number 4 is your favorite number is an act of childish collusion. Expressing disdain for the number 4 can be evidence of lunacy. The number 4 remains fact, cold and distant from the person who says they “like” or “hate” it. The idea of 4 existed before the idea of math was conceived. The paradigm of Bob Dylan existed long before music was ever composed.Singer and songwriter Bob Dylan has his eye on a new film project, according to Spinner. Dylan has tried to enter the film industry before with his less than successful films Renaldo and Clara and Masked and Anonymous.

Bob Dylan‘s new film would be based on the 11-minute song “Brownsville Girl” from his 1986 “Knocked Out Loaded” album. Dylan co-wrote the song with award-winning actor/playwright Sam Shepard.

Pajiba reports writer Jay Cocks, who penned the scripts for Gangs of New York and The Age Of Innocence, is working on the script. There are also reports Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper is considering the role of director, while Brad

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  1. Do you happen to know who owns the copyright on the picture of Bob Dylan and Robbie Robertson?