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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Candice Bergen "House" Guest Role as Mom of Cuddy

Actress Candice Bergen will have a "House" guest role on the hit television series. The former "Murphy Brown" star will be appearing as Cuddy's mother for the upcoming season.

The 38th Annual Lifetime Achievement Award Honoring Mike Nichols held at The Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California on June 10th, 2010. Candice Bergen Fame Pictures, Inc

According to, this will be Candice Bergen's first television role since she appeared on Boston Legal several years ago. Reportedly, Bergen appearing as Mother Cuddy will be part of a multi-episode arc which could also involve fireworks with her potential son-in-law.

Candice Bergen's claim to fame was from 1988-1998 as "Murphy Brown", but she's also been part of recent movies including "Miss Congeniality," "Sweet Home Alabama," "Sex and the City" and "The Women." At age 64 this sharp actress should make a great addition to the show "House" and could help reel in more viewers. Candice was part of a highly-publicized war of words between herself and former VP Dan Quayle regarding family values.
Gregory House has faced down many worthy adversaries in his time. Chi McBride's Edward Vogler failed to get him fired. David Morse's Michael Tritter failed to get him arrested. Anne Dudek's dead Amber failed to get him (permanently) crazy. But none of these opponents had the clout of Candice Bergen. And none of them were playing his girlfriend's mom.
Bergen’s arc on House is supposed to kick off this November during sweeps. This is Bergen’s first TV role since ABC legal drama Boston Legal signed off the air in 2008.

Bergen joins the already sparkling list of guest stars for this season, which includes Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey and Matthew Lillard of Scooby-Doo and Scream fame. Alias’ Amy Irving and The Good Wife’s Dylan Baker will also pop up sometime this season.


  1. That is not Candice Bergen uptop. That's a picture of Christie Brinkley. What does she have to do with "House"? Regardless, it will be well worth the view and Bergen can play a real mean biatch.

  2. I really admire Jennifer Grey's tribute to Patrick Swayze. She's doing Dancing with the Stars for him, class.