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Sunday, September 26, 2010

'Saturday Night Live': Katy Perry spoofs 'Sesame Street' Elmo duet on 'SNL' season premiere

She's the pop star with the pin-up girl looks. Two years after Katy Perry's breakthrough hit, her songs have sold more than 32 million downloads . . . her success built on a playful flirtation with what she calls obvious innuendo:Katy Perry got her response to the "Sesame Street" scandal off her chest this weekend.
On the "Saturday Night Live" premiere, the 24-year-old singer poked fun at the music video she made with Elmo earlier this week that got pulled from "Sesame Street" after parents complained it showed too much of her cleavage.
Bouncing onto the set of "Bronx Beat," with Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, Perry played a 16-year-old public library volunteer named Maureen DiChico, who appears to have developed since she last saw the hosts.
The “Peacock” singer wore a tight red Elmo shirt with her breasts spilling out of a slit down the middle of the Muppet’s forehead. She completed the outfit with a plaid skirt, pig tails and black horn rims.
"Honey, you've exploded - kaboom! Those are some bazooms," Rudolph exclaimed.
"Look at Elmo's head, it's all stretched out," Poehler added.
The jokes didn't get much more sophisticated than that, with Poehler resorting to a quip that Perry's fiancé, Russell Brand, made earlier this week on Twitter.
"Looks like today's show is brought you by number 38 and letter double D," the host said.
"Double D? More like 3-D!" Rudolph concluded.
But it was clear who the NBC cast supported in "cleavage-gate.” After Maureen revealed that the library told her to wear looser clothing to read to children, Poehler's and Rudolph's characters came to her defense.
"Who cares if kids are looking at boobs - boobs feed babies, alright?" Rudolph said. "I see 'CSI' last night and there’s a dead guy with worm in his eye - and we can't watch the top of boobs? So dumb, America."
Perry later performed "California Gurls" in a sparkling pink mini-dress and "Teenage Dream" in an equally sparkly take on a high school uniform.
But PBS was not the only butt of NBC's jokes on Saturday Night - Fox was also a target.
On "Weekend Update," Poehler took a jab at the new "Idol" judges - the show's attempt to reinvigorate its waning ratings - whose names she announced before adding "also known as coffin nails one, two and three."
Though Gov. Paterson was the most buzz-worthy guest, "Social Network" star Justin Timberlake also showed up to mock his acting career.
"When're u going to make more music?" he was asked on the segment spoofing "Inside the Actor's Studio."
"I'm trying to take this seriously, that’s it!!!" Timberlake yelled before storming off set.
Next week on "Saturday Night Live," musical guest Kanye West gives Timberlake and Perry a run for their money.

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